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June 14, 2019

Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you are looking to sell your home, it may be time to upgrade yours. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms a potential buyer looks at and can greatly affect the listing price and offer. With cooking shows and new trends, the kitchen is the new living room and should be one of the first areas you focus on before putting your house on the market.

Our team at I love OC Homes has created the below guide to get your kitchen in tip-top shape.

Wear & Tear

Since more time is being spent in the kitchen, it’s normal for it to experience some damage. The cabinets may have chipped paint, or you have a couple of loose hinges. These are easy fixes to go through and update. Grab a screwdriver and tighten everything up as potential buyers will open them during a walkthrough. If you really have the time and money, painting the cabinets with a fresh coat will make the kitchen look like new.


If you live in an older home, the chances are your kitchen is small with very little counter space. However, with all the new innovative kitchen appliances that people can’t live without, more space is necessary. Consider adding an Island. You can have one installed or even purchase a mobile one.


Nothing grabs a buyer’s attention like a new shiny appliance. If yours are outdated, this is another simple upgrade you should think about when going to sell your home. It may even increase the overall value.


Long gone are the days of the cookie, salt, and condiment jars all over the kitchen counter. We are living in a more modern day where the Marie Kondo method is a way of life. Aka - less is more. If it doesn’t have a purpose such as an espresso machine, or toaster, find a new home for it!

Take all of these recommendations into consideration and your kitchen will be wowing buyers in no time. If you or someone you know is looking to sell your home, give our team a call at (562) 881-8252. We also have de-cluttering services we offer every client free of charge.








June 7, 2019

`Hot Summer Home Savings


Summer is here - and temperatures aren't the only thing rising.

So are your bills. That's why we created this list of cost-saving measures for homeowners. Following these tips will trim hundreds off your summer expenses. Ready?

Electricity & Air Conditioning.

It’s inevitable that your AC bill will go up during the summer months, but it doesn’t have to if you use floor and ceiling fans that consume much less energy. Another bonus to living at the beach is it rarely gets above 85 degrees, and you can always count on an ocean breeze to cool the nights and mornings down. Open up your windows during this time and enjoy the fresh salty air. By doing so, you will also be cutting down on electricity using natural light and spending more time living and cooking outdoors.


The summer is the perfect time to give your dryer a vacation and put the sun to work on your clothes. It also helps to use cold water in the washer as it won't affect your clothes, just your savings.


While some can’t live without their escape to the gym, the summer provides the perfect weather to get outside and workout outdoors. Whether it’s running at the beach, going on local hikes, there are tons of way to maintain your health during the summer without a lofty gym membership.


Water your lawn early in the morning or as late in the day as possible. That way, the water doesn't evaporate as quickly.


Last but certainly not least is childcare. This is a no brainer. Since kids are out of school for the next couple of months, this is the perfect time to pool your babysitters and split the cost. It’s a win-win for everyone. The kids get to hang out with their friends and parents save money.

If you are looking for more home tips, follow I Love OC Homes on Facebook, Instagram, and our weekly blog! Want to speak with us directly about purchasing or selling a home? Call me (Tim De Shazer) at (562) 881-8252.






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May 31, 2019

A Toast To Summer

As the days get longer, the drinks get colder and are paired perfectly with our oceanfront views as we say hello to summer. One of the best parts of living in Orange County is the endless amount of dining and nightlife options. Sometimes, having so many options can be a curse when it comes down to deciding on the right place to go. That’s where our team at I love OC Homes comes in.  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite craft cocktails that are not only Instagram worthy, but they taste great too.


LSXO is literally and figuratively a hidden gem located inside of Bluegold at Pacific City. Originally designed as a concept-within-a-concept, LSXO draws inspiration from Southern Vietnam with a number of Chinese influences. They serve craft wines, beers, and inventive cocktails like a Jin & Julius or a Hattori Hanzo.

Surf City Still Works

Surf City Still Works is Huntington Beach’s first craft distillery offering a full range of spirits, including Limited Edition products, in the form of a flight or delicious cocktails. That’s not all; their Tasting Room has a full view of the distillery equipment and is flanked by a wall of aging whiskey barrels.

Pacific Hideaway

Located inside of the Shorebreak Hotel just steps from the sand this hotel lobby bar is more than ordinary bringing hip coastal vibes to the cocktails and the atmosphere. The next time you stop in try the Samurai Old Fashioned.

Jan & Dean’s Tiki Lounge

Last but certainly not least is Jan & Dean’s Tiki Lounge who are the new kids on the block - or should we say pier? Located on the second story of Ruby’s Diner this spot has been transformed into a tropical hideaway where Mai Tais flow like water.

If you are looking to move to or from the Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, or Rossmoor areas, or you just want some more local tips, give me (Tim DeShazer), of I Love OC Homes, a call at (562) 881-8252  

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May 24, 2019

Summer Day Trips In SoCal

School is almost out, and the kids are already asking about summer plans. Luckily, Southern California is one giant playground centrally located and close to Los Angeles. Our team at I Love OC Homes has rounded up some of the best summer destinations that are great for children and adults.  

Whale Watching

Whale Watching is one of Southern California greatest adventures to see some of the off-shore friends. You can go on a whale watching excursions in a number of different locations to best suit your traveling needs. There are boats that go out of the Newport Harbor, and Dana Point Harbor in South Orange County County. Many species of whales can be seen off the coast of California year-round, but especially during the winter and summer migratory seasons.

 Long Beach Aquarium and the Queen Mary

 The Aquarium of the Pacific is a public aquarium on a 5-acre site on Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. It is situated across the water from the Long Beach Convention Center, Shoreline Village, and the Queen Mary. You can explore the history of the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner, from her construction, maiden voyage, and military service during WWII. The Queen Mary also holds fun holiday events during Halloween and Christmas.

 The Broad

 The Broad is a Contemporary Art Museum in Downtown Los Angeles that will enrich, provoke, and inspire the appreciation of the art of our time. The museum presents 2,000 works, rotating temporary exhibitions & innovative audience engagement that can frequently be seen showing up all over Instagram feeds. The best part is that admission is free.

 Theme Park Galore

 When all else fails - visit Disneyland or California Adventure. Full of fun and rich California history, this is one of the best day trips we have to offer. Disneyland has continued to innovate new attractions and maintain its classic Walt Disney charm. Star Wars Land is the talk of the world right now and surely will be a sight to see.

 If you or someone you know is looking to move to Southern California, download our detailed guide to Coastal North Orange County to learn more about the neighborhoods, schools, and communities we are lucky to call home.


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May 17, 2019

What's Your Home Wealth?

Do you know your home wealth? Our team at I Love OC Homes has partnered up with Homebot to bring you a FREE home wealth report every month.

The monthly wealth report is a great tool to help you understand when you can drop mortgage insurance, when to refinance, what your purchasing power is for a second home, and how to know your total cash-out power, see the wealth power of extra principal payments, and understand your mortgage - interest vs. principal.

This is how it works; using the link below, you’ll be prompted to a landing page where you’ll fill out your name, email, home address, and phone number.

Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with your first home wealth report. The initial email will include the estimated value of your home, the net worth of the home to you, what you’ve paid towards principal and interest so far, and even what refinancing your home would save you on interest in 15, 25, and 30 year periods.  That’s not all; the report even gives tips about how much upping your payment would save you in the long run. You can additionally look into numbers regarding purchasing a second home, or how much equity you have to use.

It’s our goal at I Love OC Homes to help people understand what they have in equity, what your loan looks like, and to get it paid off faster or how you could either buy your next home or investment property. It’s time to become a smarter, wealthier homebuyer.

If you have any questions after downloading your free home wealth report, give me (Tim De Shazer) a call at 562-881-8252 any time, and I’d be happy to go over the numbers with you in more depth.


May 10, 2019

Performance Report: Opened Escrow In 6 Days


Do you wonder what it would be like to work with our team at I Love OC Homes? Recently, we listed a home, held an open house, and opened escrow in six days. When you list a home with I Love OC Homes, we market it across all of our social media channels including Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and Facebook Ads with NO additional fees. Our latest listing was a beautiful three-bedroom one-bathroom home listed at 475K in Norwalk, CA.

We had planned to hold an open house Saturday through Monday, but with the amount of traffic that came through the door (over 100 people), we ended up receiving multiple offers over the weekend and canceled Monday’s open house. Three days later we opened escrow!

Our team ran two identical Facebook Ads (see below) with different audiences to drive this traffic to the open house. One was within a three-mile radius of the listing, and the other was a broader audience. These two ads combined reached over 10,000 people in Southern California, received over 800 clicks and had over 600 landing page views.

Three-mile Radius


      Reach 5,240

      Impressions 6,238

      Clicks 394

      CPC $0.16

      Landing Page Views 363

Open Audience


      Reach 5,877

      Impressions 6,705

      Clicks 390

      CPC: $0.18

      Landing Page Views 311

The seller of this house came to I love OC Homes four months ago, and their home was nowhere ready to be on the market. However, we provided them with a strategic checklist, partnered with our incredible decluttering specialist, and when they implemented our recommendations and were ready, we got the job done in one weekend.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home, we would love to work with you! Please call Tim De Shazer at  (562) 881-8252. We want to make the same magic happen for you.

Posted in Huntington Beach
May 3, 2019

2019 Rossmoor Community Festival


Every year we get together as a community in Rossmoor for our local Community Festival. This year, the event takes place this Sunday, May 5, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Rush Park. Our Community Festival provides a unique opportunity for groups, local service providers, and craft makers to meet the greater Rossmoor community. Come introduce yourself to your neighbors, get your message out, and join our effort to keep Rossmoor great. Our team at I Love OC Homes will be there handing out maracas in honor of Cinco De Mayo!

The Rossmoor Community Festival will include family, food, and fun. We don’t know about you, but those are three of our favorite things here at I Love OC Homes. The festival is already shaping up to be a great event with food vendors, terrific games, and live entertainment. Of course, there will be the ever-popular Dog Parade and Classic Car Show along with games and rides for the whole family.

The local entertainment will include bands, dance troops, and local school choirs.  The entertainment is what keeps the energy of the day flowing.  The Classic Car Show is becoming a must-see event with some of the most amazing vehicles from the 1930s and 1940s, all the way to instant classics like a recent model Chevrolet Camaro speedster. The Dog Parade is always the most popular event at the Festival. There’s something completely fun and enjoyable about seeing dogs of various shapes and sizes stroll around, some in costume, and doing tricks. If you have a dog that you’d like to enter it’s free!

Come join the fun and catch up with your neighbors and friends from Rossmoor. Rush Park is located at 3001 Blume Dr. in Rossmoor, CA 90720. You can find additional event information here:

If you or someone you know are interested in buying or selling a home in Rossmoor, stop by the I Love OC Homes booth this weekend to speak with me (Tim De Shazer) about how we can make it happen. I look forward to meeting you. If you can’t make it by, give me a call at (562) 881-8252 whenever you are ready.

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April 26, 2019

Meet The Sardana Family with I Love OC Homes

This week we sat down with a client that came to I Love OC Homes after finding our team on the internet. With so many other agents and companies out there, we were excited that Samar and Anita Sardana chose to work with us during their home buying process.

The Sardanas already call Orange County home, but were looking to move, and Tim helped get them into their next dream home.

I Love OC Homes: How did you hear about Tim and I Love OC Homes?

Sardana Family: My wife showed interest and requested information on Tim’s website on the kind of home we were looking for. He responded with a phone call almost immediately.

I Love OC Homes: Were there other real estate agents you met with besides Tim? Why did you decide to work with Tim DeShazer and I Love OC Homes?

Sardana Family: We did meet one other agent, but it was only Tim that followed up regularly and showed genuine interest in working with us.

I Love OC Homes: Was Tim on time and did he make quality appointments?

Sardana Family: Always on time! It was not hard at all to set up appointments for viewing homes. He was very accommodating.

I Love OC Homes: Did Tim show you homes in your price range?

Sardana Family: Yes. He showed us homes that met our criteria.

I Love OC Homes: What was your overall experience working with Tim and the I Love OC Homes team?

Sardana Family: Very pleasant. We will recommend him in an OC minute!

I Love OC Homes: Did I Love OC Homes offer advice, services, support, and market knowledge?

Sardana Family: Yes, yes, and yes.

I Love OC Homes: How likely are you to refer Tim and the team at I Love OC Homes to friends?

Sardana Family: 100% likely. And we will use him again if and when it’s time to sell and buy our next home.

It’s our mission at I Love OC Homes to accommodate any potential clients’ needs, even it’s just following up with a simple phone call. If you or someone you know needs advice on where to start the home buying or selling process, give our team a call at (562) 881-8252. If you have found us online, we look forward to the next step and working with you in person.

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April 12, 2019

Los Alamitos 2019 Spring Carnival

Spring has sprung, and my kids are already patiently waiting for the Easter Bunny to hop into town. Each year, I get in on the fun around town and participate as a local business at the Los Alamitos Spring Carnival on the Saturday before Easter. This year I’m handing out 500 boxes of Peeps!

 The City of Los Alamitos and I want to invite you to welcome in the spring season with the annual MemorialCare Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital Long Beach Spring Carnival, presented by AYSO 159. The event is held on Saturday, April 20, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Little Cottonwood Park (4000 Farquhar Ave). It’s free to attend and lots of fun.

 Come out and enjoy family activities for all ages, including egg hunts, face painting, balloon twisting, carnival games, prizes, live entertainment, food trucks, games, inflatables, and even a photo opp with Peter Rabbit! Egg hunts will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the 0-2 age group and continue by age every 5 minutes. Live entertainment is offered by Sugar Lips, a cover band performing classic rock and pop songs for all to enjoy. 

 Event Timeline

       9:00 a.m.   Event Begins

       9:30 a.m.   Age 0-2 Egg Hunt Begins

       9:35 a.m.   Age 3-6 Egg Hunt Begins

       9:40 a.m.   Age 7-9 Egg Hunt Begins

       9:45 a.m.   Age 10-12 Egg Hunt Begins

       10:30 a.m. Family Games Begin

       11:30 a.m. Event Ends

 Don’t miss out on the festivities and the opportunity to mingle with your neighbors, or at least grab a box of peeps!

 If you are reading this and are looking to move to Los Alamitos/Orange County, give me (Tim De Shazer) a call at 562- 881-8252. I’d love to help you make the transition. You can also download our free neighborhood guide to coastal North Orange County here.

 Happy Easter!

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April 5, 2019

Where Do Kids Go To School In Coastal North Orange County

One of the biggest decisions a parent makes while raising a family is where their kids will go to school. If you are looking to move into the area, you can rest assured that your kids' education will be in good hands as we have some of the best districts in Southern California.

Huntington Beach

For the families looking to call Huntington Beach home, one of the biggest determining factors is the school system.  This area is served by the Huntington Beach City School District. The schools include Agnes L. Smith Elementary School, Ethel Dwyer Middle School, and Huntington Beach High School.  The school district has a mission to support the academic and personal development of every student so that each student becomes a responsible, well-rounded individual who achieves success and fulfillment in a global environment. 


Rossmoor schools are part of the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Younger students (K-5) can attend four of the six elementary schools of the district. Rossmoor, Weaver, Lee, and Hopkinson are all located within the boundaries of Rossmoor. As for upper-level schooling, Rossmoor residents have adjacent schools in Oak Middle School or McAuliffe Middle School. High school students go to Laurel or Los Alamitos High School, which is a Gold Ribbon School. When it comes to college, the area contains multiple reputable schools, including California State University Long Beach which is less than a 10-minute drive from Rossmoor.  Other nearby campuses include Pepperdine University, the University of California Irvine, Chapman University, Cal State Dominguez Hills, USC, UCLA, and the Art Institute of California, and more.

Glen Mar

Glen Mar features top schools like Newland Elementary and Talbert Middle School.  For high school, Glen Mar residents are able to attend Huntington Beach High School or Edison High School. HBHS by the numbers:

      99% attendance rates

      85% of students are involved in sports, clubs, and activities

      70% of students attend college.

Edison High School is known for it’s 30 CIF Championships and 25 accelerated course programs and AP offerings.

Seal Beach

One of that main factors that inspire people to live in Seal Beach is its affordable beachside homes and the excellence in academics. Seal Beach schools are part of the Los Alamitos Unified School District. Younger students (K-5) go to McGaugh Elementary School, Hopkinson Elementary School, Rossmoor Elementary, Lee Elementary, Los Alamitos Elementary or Weaver Elementary. Students in grades 6–8 attend either Oak Middle School or McAuliffe Middle School. High school students go to Los Alamitos High School, which is a Gold Ribbon School.

 If you or someone you know is looking to move to the area and needs assistance in the home buying processes or advice on what school to choose, give me (Tim De Shazer) a call at (562) 881-8252. I’m happy to help you make the best decision that suits your child's needs.



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