Believe it or not, we are just a couple of weeks away from pumpkin spice lattes, all schools back in session, and leaves starting to change colors. When most people think of the fall, they don’t think of peak real-estate season.  This week our team at I Love OC Homes is sharing why we’re just as sold on helping families find a new house in the fall. 


It’s no secret that spring is when the competition is at an all-time high for purchasing; that’s the first great thing about looking in the fall. All of the attention is on you! We even encourage our clients to make lower offers because most people looking to sell have had their homes on the market since the beginning of the year and are just plain worn out. After months of no action, any seller is ready to make a deal - especially if they have to move for personal matters. 


Do you know what else comes in the fall? Back to school sales, holiday discounts, and Black Friday deals. This is the perfect time to score big on new furniture, appliances, or upgrades that could potentially increase the value of your home down the road. It’s not always easy finding a home with every single box checked off your list, but with the end of year sales, you can make improvements to your new house on a better budget.


Fall is also a safer time of year. You might be wondering what safety has to do with buying a new home, but the neighborhood you live in is important. Peak burglary season is high in the summer months, buying a home in the fall gives you plenty of time to install that new alarm system, and get comfortable in your new home. 


Last but certainly not least, our favorite benefit of buying in the fall is being able to spend the upcoming holidays with your family and friends in your dream home. If you’re ready to break out the decorations and get into your new home, give me (Tim De Shazer) a call at (562) 881-8252.