If you are debating selling your home, you probably have questioned your need for an open house. An open house is the best way to show off your home to potential buyers if your property is presentable. It increases your chances of selling the property for a multitude of reasons. At I Love OC Homes, we’ve broken down some important reasons why having an open house is beneficial for a home seller!

Creates a Casual Browsing Environment

Just like the car-buying process, the way we search for our new home has now changed. Now that we have the internet, we shop online first to save time and narrow down the properties we like that work in our budget and location. With an open house, it provides an environment that is much more relaxed, for you’ll have multiple viewers at once if you advertise well. Home shoppers can transition from casually browsing the internet at home to casually viewing the property in person without any pressure. It’s beneficial for you as well because it saves time from having to schedule multiple, individual showings for weeks on end. 

Sets Your Home Apart From the Rest

Even if you have a professional photographer come and capture the beauty of your home, online photos won’t do it justice. Allowing people to stop by, take a look around, and picture themselves living there will give them a better feel that the property is right for them. It also gives you a chance to set your home apart from the rest. This can be done with the right staging to really catch the viewers’ attention and increase the odds of a good offer. 

Shows Off the Neighborhood

Hosting an open house gives buyers the opportunity to explore the neighborhood and get to know the area. If you have neighbors who will help paint a picture of how great the neighborhood is, it would be helpful asking them if they can stop by and chat with viewers during the open house. 

Turns Your Browsers into Buyers

Sometimes viewers at an open house stop by simply to browse and aren’t seriously looking to buy. Hosting a proper open house could turn these browsers into buyers if they fall in love with your home! 


If you are looking to work with a real estate team, we know the ins and outs of hosting a successful open house. We will do everything we can to sell your current home, and I (Tim De Shazer) am available anytime to answer questions and make the processes as seamless as possible. Please give me a call at (562) 881-8252.