With all of the talk around town about shopping, we can’t help but think about all of the people who want to buy a home or sell during the holidays. Before you go overboard, our team at I Love OC Homes checked in with founder Tim DeShazer and got five of his “Tim’s Picks” on how to celebrate and decorate for the holidays while selling your home.

Delay the Decorations 

Now that Thanksgiving is over, some people move straight into Christmas decorating.  If you are about to list your home, hold off your holiday decor, and keep your house neutral for a few showings or open house events.  Who knows?  If you find yourself a buyer immediately, you may be closing escrow before Christmas Eve.

Celebrate Subtly

 If you're the type of family that has 6 Christmas trees all over the house, your decorating style may be a turn-off for the next owner of your home.  Keep things classic clean.  After all, keeping one modest tree in a spot can show potential buyers what the holiday possibilities could be at the home for years to come.  Allow them to put their mental spin on their next year's noel!

Stash the Stockings

Would you buy a car with six stickers on the rear window with everyone's name?  Probably not.  Keep mom, dad, and the kids' personalized items tucked away.  Like you would do the rest of the year, remove most of the identity of who lives in the house. This way,  potential buyers can get a glimpse of what life might be with their stockings on the mantel.   Keep the Christmas cards tucked away as well.

Friendly Fire

If you have a fireplace and winter is in the air, light it up - as long as you can monitor it safely.  Don't leave a house unattended with a fire (wood or gas) burning.  But during an open house, or if you know someone is coming over for a tour, show off the ambiance.  There is a way to display the holiday spirit without it being over the top.

Trim the Tree. 

If you cannot resist the urge to put up the tree, make sure the tree doesn't crowd the room. Christmas trees take up space, and if yours is too big, it will make the room look much smaller.  We stage our homes with minimalism in mind, this way the buyer sees a much larger room to work with when it comes to their furniture.


I Love OC Homes team isn’t your typical real estate company. While other realtors are taking off for the holidays, we are working hard.  Nothing makes us happier during the holiday season than selling a home or telling a buyer that their offer has been accepted. We specialize in Huntington Beach and the surrounding cities of Rossmoor and Seal Beach. 


We’ve put together the best list of HB homes that are one million dollars or less.  Check them out, and give us a call.   We don’t hibernate in the winter; we work harder!