At I Love OC Homes, we treat our clients like they are our friends and family. That’s why we go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure they have the best experience buying or selling their home. Of course, that means we have to make sure they sell their homes for the best price possible or buy a home at a good price.


One of our recent clients is Qiana Teasdale. She had a terrific experience selling her home with Tim DeShazer, the Founder of I Love OC Homes, and wants everyone to know all about it. Here’s her story:


I Love OC Homes: Hi Qiana! Thanks so much for joining us. What was your experience like meeting Tim and the rest of the I Love OC Homes team?

Qiana Teasdale: Tim came to our first meeting very prepared. He had a marketing plan established. He had pulled comps and was ready to discuss pricing. He answered all my questions and I felt very comfortable we were on the same page.


I Love OC Homes: Were there other real estate agents you met besides Tim?

Qiana Teasdale: I did not meet with any other agents this time around, although I have worked with other agents in the past when it came to buying property. This was my first time selling.


I Love OC Homes: Why did you decide to pick Tim DeShazer and I Love OC Homes? 

Qiana Teasdale: I choose Tim to sell my property as he was very familiar with the area and was willing to pound the pavement and get the attention of the local community. He really knew how to use social media to gain attention for the property and heavily marketed the property with the local college community. He knocked on doors and held open houses.


I Love OC Homes: How did Tim help you stage your home? 

Qiana Teasdale: Tim found a local company to stage my home. Tim was present for the staging himself. He made sure they worked with me to meet my needs and provide the right kind of staging to show home buyers the potential in my home.


I Love OC Homes: What happened after your home was staged for sale? 

Qiana Teasdale: Following the staging, photos were taken, and the home was placed on the MLS. We immediately started getting calls and requests for showing even prior to the open house which was 2 days later. The staging and photos really made a big difference in selling the home quickly. We had multiple offers within 4 days and it sold over ask.


I Love OC Homes: What did you like most about working with Tim and the I Love OC Homes team? 

Qiana Teasdale: Tim made the selling process very easy. He was very responsive throughout the process by providing daily updates on the number of social media hits, calls received, and showings scheduled. If something needed to be done, Tim was available to help get it done. Tim remained in constant contact with me throughout the process. There was never a time when he did not get back to me right away. I loved how smoothly everything went and how involved Tim was every step of the way. Tim had my best interest in mind.


I Love OC Homes: What would you like to tell other people who are looking to sell their home or buy their next home with the real estate team at I Love OC Homes?

Qiana Teasdale: Tim and his team are honest, reliable, attentive, and personable.


Well there you have it! Another happy I Love OC Homes client got more money than she expected when she sold her house. That’s the power of staging and the quality guidance you get from the real estate team at I Love OC Homes! We’re number one in Orange County because of how we treat people and Qiana is just one of many happy clients.


So if you are looking to sell your home and want more money than you think you will get, give us a call at (562) 881-8252. We’re ready to help stage your home and have an amazing (and profitable) experience just like Qiana.