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Situated in the northwest corner of Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbour consists of five man-made islands connected by a network of navigable water channels and surrounding mainland. The islands are named Humboldt, Davenport, Trinidad, Admiralty, and Gilbert. Along the waterways, one encounters impressive multi-million dollar homes. Many include private docks with luxury yachts. Boaters love using the waterways as they appreciate the neighborhood and soak in the sunny weather.

Apart from the five islands and surrounding mainland, Huntington Harbour also encompasses a small gated subdivision known as Coral Cay. In spite of its proximity, Coral Cay is not counted among Huntington Harbour’s islands.

Getting Around

Though the five main islands that comprise Huntington Harbour are all accessible via waterway, they are not all interconnected for travel by vehicle or foot. Some can only be reached via Pacific Highway, necessitating a roundabout detour.

Beautiful Harbor

Huntington Harbour brims with life throughout the year. Residents love taking their boats out on weekends. It’s so enjoyable to take a watery cruise with friends as everyone wines, dines, and takes in the pleasant surroundings.

Huntington Harbour Parade of Lights

Many Huntington Harbour residents have boat slips, with duffy boats as the most popular option for navigating the community’s channels. Duffy boats are a practical choice for many reasons: ease of operation, dependability, quiet, and environmentally friendly.

Every year in December, people gather from all around for the annual Cruise of Lights Boat Tour. The waterways become filled with colorful and elaborately decorated boats for all to appreciate. It’s the most popular event of the year, with consistently high attendance numbers.

Services & Amenities

When it comes to amenities and modern conveniences, Huntington Harbour is an easy choice. The nearest shopping center, Huntington Harbor Mall, includes grocery stores, a bank, a dental clinic, a veterinary clinic, a UPS store, various restaurants, and much more. Travel a bit further, and you soon reach Marina Village Mall. It contains a Vons and several other popular stores.

In addition to shopping centers, Huntington Harbour is also close to several sites for boating enthusiasts. These include the neighborhood’s own launch ramp, Peter’s Landing Marina, and Sunset Aquatic.

Surrounding Communities

Adding to its appeal, Huntington Harbour is surrounded by several popular and well known beaches, neighborhoods, and other points of interest. For starters, Sunset Beach lies directly to the west, with Surfside just a short way north. Go north a bit more, and one quickly comes upon Seal Beach. Meanwhile, just to the south, one encounters the Bolsa Chica Basin State Marine Conservation Area. A little further south, and one arrives at Huntington Beach.


When it comes to schools near Huntington Harbour, there are several good options to choose from. These include Harbour View Elementary School, LePort Montessori School, Village View Elementary School, Carden Conservatory, Marine View Middle School, and St Bonaventure School. All lie within a short radius, making for an easy commute.

A Great Place to Call Home

Do you enjoy living by the coast? Are you looking for a unique community with an ideal location and inviting ambiance? Huntington Harbour could very well be the place for you and your family. After all, how many communities out there can be navigated via boat? It’s a rare and precious rarity.

Huntington Harbour Luxury Home

Huntington Harbour One Story Home

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Huntington Harbour’s Islands

Each of Huntington Harbour’s five islands has something unique to offer. Here is a brief overview of each.

Coral Cay

Though not an island, Coral Cay is nonetheless considered part of Huntington Harbour. Its 120 or so homes sit behind a gated entrance, and range in square feet from 2,400 to 3,500.

Gilbert Island

Gilbert Island includes 95 custom homes. Half of these enjoy a location along the edge of the waterway. While the community is not gated, it is considered very safe, with Davenport Drive as the only inroad.

Humboldt Island

One of the larger subdivisions, Humboldt Islands contains 335 homes, with most along the water’s edge. This island is also not gated, but considered very safe. One gains access via Humboldt Drive. If living by the water is a priority, Humboldt Island is a good choice.

Davenport Island

This is the southernmost island in Huntington Harbour. It contains 237 homes, with half of them along the water’s edge. While the island is not gated, its only inroad is Davenport Drive.

Trinidad Island

Last but most certainly not least, Trinidad Island is the most luxurious of the five. A majority of its 218 homes not only feature water frontage, but access to boat slips as well. While the community is not gated, it’s considered very secure. The only point of access is through Edinger Ave.

Population, Education, & Income

Population Demographics

  • Total Population
  • Male Population
  • Female Population
  • Percent Change Since 2000
  • Percent Change Since 2010
  • Median Age
  • 33,685
  • 16,640
  • 17,045
  • 3%
  • 2%
  • 43.06%

Education Statistics

  • No High School
  • Some High School
  • Some College
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate Degree
  • 538
  • 1,033
  • 6,142
  • 2,338
  • 6,526
  • 4,414

Household Average Income

  • Ages Under 25
  • Ages 25-44
  • Ages 45-64
  • Ages Over 65
  • Average Household Income
  • Median Household Income
  • Increase/Decrease Since 2000
  • Increase/Decrease Since 2010
  • Avg Household Net Worth
  • Median Home Sale Price
  • Sales Tax Rate
  • Avg Total Expenditure
  • $47,500
  • $69,260
  • $98,756
  • $76,856
  • $114,170
  • $87,307
  • 23%
  • 15%
  • $956,965
  • $535,000
  • 8%
  • $77,078

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