In our business, referrals are the name of the game. I recently had the privilege to reconnect with an old childhood friend from grammar school to help sell her home. After doing so successfully, she referred her parents who were also relocating out of state, to work with our team at I Love OC Homes. 


Meet the Rieglers!


I Love OC Homes: Tell us about your first meeting with Tim of I Love OC Homes, and how did you hear of the team?

Cynthia Riegler: I knew Tim as a child. However, I was reintroduced to him when he sold my daughter's house. He and his team did an amazingly exceptional job for them working through several issues. Tim was always right there, knowing what to do for them, so we knew he would do the best for us.

I Love OC Homes: Tell us about your search for the right real-estate agent and how you came to the conclusion to work with Tim?

Cynthia Riegler: When we decided to sell our house, we knew who to go to. My husband Bob is a retired real estate agent and felt very comfortable with using Tim and his team.

I Love OC Homes: What was your overall experience working with the I Love OC Homes declutter specialist and handyman?

Cynthia Riegler: We had very little clutter, but she did give us some hints. We were very happy with the team's go-to handyman. He was able to address most of the issues BEFORE the house was even listed, and very few after it was was on the market. He was very timely and did excellent work.

I Love OC Homes: Did I Love OC Homes offer a certain level of advice, services, support, and market knowledge?

Cynthia Riegler: The I Love OC Homes team offered the whole package, making the process less stressful.

I Love OC Homes: Share your overall experience working with Tim and the I Love OC Homes team?

Cynthia Riegler: Tim and his team made it very easy to sell the house, and WOW did the staging process work. Bob was very skeptical at first, but once he saw the finished product, he knew it was the right thing to do. The house sold immediately.

I Love OC Homes: How likely are you to refer Tim and the team at I Love OC Homes to friends?

Cynthia Riegler: I would definitely recommend Tim and his team to anyone. They all went the extra mile!

I always feel lucky to work with someone I've known my entire life, but even if we just met, my team at I Love OC Homes will put your buying or selling needs first. If you or someone you know needs advice on where to start the process, give our team a call at (562) 881-8252.