Most people looking to buy a home don’t know when is the right time to actually go shopping for a home.


Some people say that summer is the best time since school is out and the kids are home, so shopping for a house and moving are more convenient. Others say fall is the best time to buy a house since that is when business is slow in the real estate industry, so sellers are more likely to make a deal in a buyer’s favor. Some say Spring is the best time to go home shopping since that is when the weather is nicer for going from open house to open house.


While each season has its own pros and cons, it’s always better to buy a home when it is a good time FOR YOU to buy a home. What that means is that there are other factors at play besides the weather when it comes to buying a home. For example, if interest rates are high it might not be the right time to buy a home since that will make your mortgage payments much more expensive. If interest rates are low, then you should jump at the chance to buy a home since low interest rates don’t always last long.


You should also make sure you have enough for a down payment that will help make your mortgage payment manageable. The larger the down payment you make on a home, the less you pay over the lifetime of the mortgage loan. For some people, waiting years and saving money will ultimately save them money that would have gone to interest on their mortgage loan. You should really look at your finances and determine what size of a down payment you can afford or how long it will take you to save.


You should also keep in mind the actual goal of going shopping for a new home: to buy a home you like and want to live in. That means if you find a home that you really like, or even one you absolutely love, then you should buy it and move in before someone else does. You really don’t want to have to settle for your second choice or regret not getting your first choice.


Buyers also need to make sure they have enough money to cover their move. The process of moving to a new home has other costs besides just buying the home. There’s payment needed for movers, boxes and containers, moving trucks, and potentially new furniture or items for your new home not to mention fuel costs. Things can really add up if you aren’t prepared for all of the unexpected costs that come with moving to a new home.


If you are selling your current home and moving into a new home, then it is important that your current home’s value is at an amount you feel comfortable selling it at. That’s why using our free Home Value Calculator is the best way to see how much your home is worth. Once you know how much your home is worth, you can determine if it is better to wait until your property’s value increases or if now is a great time to sell so you can start shopping for a new home.