Like many industries, some people try skipping the professionals to attempt to achieve success on their own.  The real estate industry is not immune to this. While many people believe that they can do it on their own, they typically end up encountering more costs along with headaches that they are not equipped to handle. There are many benefits to hiring a professional real estate agent when it comes to buying or selling a home.

In 2018 alone, 91% of home sellers worked with a real estate agent to sell their home as reported by The National Association of Realtors (NAR).  Clients say that they not only benefit financially, but they also gain peace of mind while working with an agent. 

Some of the added value includes their possession of market knowledge, having professional connections, and have detailed knowledge of the location.

Our team at I Love OC Homes wants to provide you with a closer look at these benefits.

Market Knowledge

When homeowners list their own homes, they will often see that their home will sit on the market for extended periods due to the fact they set the price too high based on personal connection. What they think their home is worth based on emotions. This will most likely not be in line with the current market. This is where an agent can help navigate the process to set a fair and objective price. In the end, the goal is to sell your home, not scare buyers away.

Professional Connections

The professional connections that come along with working with an agent go beyond the standard contracts. Our team at I Love OC Homes goes above and beyond during every step of the process to offer home stagers, declutterers, market your home, and even can stage and photograph your home. All of these would have to be outsourced if you were doing it on your own.


A good agent knows the neighborhoods they work in like the back of their hand, and this is because we call these communities home. This where we live, work, play, and raise our families. We are familiar with factors like the age of the homes, school ratings, traffic/commute details, and accessibility to shopping or public transportation. For I Love OC Homes, we’ve even created a detailed neighborhood guide to coastal North Orange County.

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