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Many people who buy a new home feel the urge to buy new furniture the same day they move in because they think it will be so much more convenient. Unfortunately, that probably isn’t the best idea and here’s why:

Plan to Rearrange Often

When you move into a new place, you’re not going to be settled for quite a while. Most people rearrange rooms multiple times until they can get it to look the way they want. That means that if you buy furniture now, you might regret it and instead want to rearrange a room later. Unfortunately, by that time any opened and assembled furniture probably won’t be able to be returned for a refund. It’s always better to wait to make sure a room is how you want it after you buy a home.  

Buying More Than You Should

Your new place will have its own traffic patterns. A coffee table or lamp desk you think is going to be a great centerpiece might actually be too big for the room you were thinking of putting it in. Buying new furniture for your new home can end up costing a lot of money too. It’s best to save for furniture you are sure you will use rather than splurge on something during a time when your emotions are probably high with the excitement and possible stress of moving day. If you live with a spouse, family, or roommate, then you might need their opinion or agreement before buying more furniture since they also share your living space.

Leaving Room for Growth

If you think about it, most everything you own you purchased over time. You bought in an organic way, and your possessions grew with you and your home. You should remember that your new home is probably in a new city or at least a new area of a new city. You might find new art or knick-knacks you want to use to decorate. It’s best to let furniture speak to you and wait to buy things only when you need them. Furniture is bulky and heavy; so anything you want to return or regret buying will be as difficult to move out as it was to move in. You should be excited about the chance to have new experiences and let your place grow with those new experiences.

As you can see, it might be in your best interest to find a way to help curb your desire to buy more furniture. After all, buying furniture after buying a home takes a lot of work and so does assembling it when you buy it. Most furniture can’t be returned once it has been opened and assembled so you will be stuck with any purchases you make if you regret buying them. We recommend slowly adding pieces to your new home.

If you are starting your journey to sell your home, please contact us so we can help you get started on the right foot and with all the experience our team can provide.