Woodbridge Irvine is a large housing development started in 1975, and located in the city's central region. In total, it cover approximately four square miles, and includes two artificial lakes. With five elementary schools, two middles schools, and a commercial village center, the community is a world unto itself. It is bounded by 405 freeway to the south, Jeffrey Rd to the east, Culver Dr to the west, and Irvine Center Dr to the north.

Though construction first started over forty years ago, most of its subdivisions were completed in the 1990s. It wasn't until 2013 that a new tract was built. Named The Branches, it consists of forty-eight homes. With its impressive array of amenities, well maintained homes, and tranquil atmosphere, Woodbridge Irvine has become a sought after neighborhood. Homes for sale in Woodbridge Irvine begin in the $500,000 range, with the most expensive listing for over $1,000,000.

Neighborhood Layout

Woodbridge Irvine is expertly laid out for convenience and enjoyment. There are two main residential regions - North Lake and South Lake. These are divided by a sprawling strip of retail and commercial developments. Encompassing the the whole neighborhood, Yale Loop is its longest street. There is East Yale Loop, and West Yale Loop, each half containing a lake. The lakes range in depth from three feet to six feet, and each includes a large wooden bridge for pedestrian traffic.  Forming a natural wall, rows of pine trees, along with a twenty foot tall hedge surround the community. 

Maintaining High Standards

Established when its first homes came on the market, the Woodbridge Village Association (WVA) is responsible for maintaining common areas and enforcing building codes. Common areas include pools, lakes, parks, and nature trails.

In addition to maintaining these shared spaces, the association also ensures residents adhere to the neighborhood's building standards. All homeowners must submit applications prior to making any major changes or additions to their homes, including changing a home's paint color. This is done to maintain consistency and integrity among the residences that make up Woodbridge Irvine. 

In its efforts to maintain the neighborhood's high standard of living, the WVA provides various services including landscaping, general maintenance, lifeguard patrols, and a security patrol known as Facility Inspectors. With the ever-watchful and attentive WVA, residents need not worry their neighborhood will fall into disarray. 

Impressive Amenities

Woodbridge Irvine offers residents a truly impressive array of amenities, offering seemingly endless opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, and recreation. They include two large artificial lakes, two beaches, over a dozen swimming pools, sixteen spas, twenty four tennis courts, various parks, a fitness course, horseshoe facilities, and so much more.