What’s better than a dog on a surfboard?


A bunch of dogs on surfboards!


The 10th annual McKenna Subaru Surf City Surf Dog® competition is happening on Saturday, September 29th from 8 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. at Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach. This is one of the great events in the city of Huntington Beach. Anyone looking to buy a home in Orange County should know that it’s events like these that make the area so full of life and fun.


The Surf City Surf Dog opening ceremony is on Friday, September 28th from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. at the Shorebreak Hotel. The events on Friday will include a luxurious red carpet for all of the doggy guests as well as a doggy costume show with dogs who are dressed to impress! Be sure to bring your phone or a camera to take plenty of pictures as surfing pups and non-surfing dogs will be wearing their most creative costumes.



During the competition on Saturday, dogs wearing life-vests will surf the waves and have a ton of fun! The event is free for children, adults, and dogs of all ages to attend as spectators. Lifeguards and a competition veterinarian are on hand to make sure all of the surfing dogs are safe and having the time of their doggy lives. The Orange County Lifeguards are among the best trained in the world and are the main reason Huntington Beach is so safe for humans and dogs alike.


If visitors need a break from all the excitement of dogs surfing, then there’s the SurFUR Expo featuring community and vendor booths offering goodies for dogs and humans. This two-day event is always a big draw and even brings in people (and surfing dogs) from around the world. If you are interested in visiting California and Orange County, this is a great family-friendly event for everyone, and especially dog-lovers, to enjoy. Events like these are a big part of the surfer and dog-appreciating culture that is at the heart of the Huntington Beach community. As long as Huntington Beach and Orange County keep this spirit of fun alive, people will always be eager to buy a home in our neighborhoods and join our beach-loving community.

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